Channel Operations.

Employ a team of e-commerce experts to create and execute your online channel strategy.

"Stackline’s expertise helped us navigate the online retail channel and the results have been remarkable."

Scott Grimes
Vice President, Wilbur Curtis


Catalog Management

Have our team of experts manage your product catalog and utilize best practices to ensure your products are organized and optimized for every online retailer.

Search Optimization

Ensure your products are discovered more often when customers enter search terms on a retailer’s website by utilizing our keyword tracking and infusion capabilities.

Media Enhancement

Improve your brand’s visibility by publishing engaging, rich media across e-retailers that will attract your audience and convert more visitors into paying customers.

Product Rankings

Give your product rankings a boost by accessing the most advanced methods and tools, which are powered by Stackline’s proprietary computational platform.

Brand and Price

Price Monitoring

Access the tools you need to track and monitor your prices across the online retail channel.  React quickly when sellers unexpectedly make price changes.

Content Quality

Scan the online retail channel to identify quality breaches, such as duplicate listings and mislabeled products, and receive alerts when issues are discovered.

Review Tracking

Monitor the engagement, health and satisfaction of your target customers by capturing and analyzing consumer product ratings, feedback and reviews.

Seller Tracking

Ensure your brand is in the hands of authorized sellers who will uphold your standards by tracking all third-party sellers listing your products in the e-retail channel.

Advertising and Promotions.

Advertising Strategy

Increase sales and build your brand by having our retail experts plan, launch and measure targeted advertising campaigns that will attract your core audience.

Spend Optimization

Easily measure results and allocate spend to the highest-performing areas, creating a portfolio of advertising campaigns that profitably acquire new customers.

Campaign Management

Our e-commerce advertising team will help you execute profitable search, display, video, e-mail and mobile advertising campaigns within each retailer’s platform.

Advertising Analytics

Track every component of your marketing and advertising strategy - from search ads to display campaigns, you’ll gain actionable insight into marketing’s contribution to revenue.

Reporting and Analytics.

Business Analytics

Capture a robust set of retail analytics that will allow your team to easily measure performance, see trends and guide continuous improvement across all functional areas.

Inventory Forecasting

Make smart inventory planning decisions by utilizing our channel-specific forecasting tools, allowing you to meet retailer demand, while also minimizing inventory risk.

Sales Reporting

Access easy-to-use dashboards that consolidate key sales metrics from all online retailers into a single view, giving you quick access to the data that matter most.

Category Benchmarking

Empower your team with more valuable data sets that can be turned into a brilliant array of insights, such as category sales, growth rates and market share trends.

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