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Costco's online business is growing, and our specialized data, tools and services are growing with it.

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Costco advertising

Costco is expanding its opportunities for advertisers, and our e-commerce experts are at the forefront of what the platform has to offer.

Campaign Management

Create, manage, and analyze advertising campaigns and leverage the latest ad formats and targeting opportunities offered to brands.

Advertising Analytics

Industry-leading machine learning technologies detect insights to improve the targeting, keyword bidding, and cost-efficiency of Costco PPC campaigns.


Costco product listing optimization

User-friendly software tools and best-in-class category keyword data power intelligent content improvements that increase conversions and drive SEO.

Content Management

Using a complete, volume-ranked list of keywords driving traffic in your category, we build, manage and optimize product listings to increase conversions on the platform.

Search Engine Optimization

Boost the visibility of your products in organic search – and measure results at the keyword-level.

costco seo, costco content management

Costco analytics and insights

Our proprietary data and tools serve the most successful brands. Get weekly sales history, price trends and market share tracking across brands  and categories.

Marketing Analytics

Integrate your advertising and marketing analytics into a single platform to get full transparency into your e-commerce performance.

Sales Analytics

Get a unified view of your e-commerce business by tracking price, sales, inventory,  content and more in a single platform.

Global scale

We support thousands of the world's largest brands

Retail Sales

Our clients

We work with leaders driving transformational change in ecommerce

Matt Snyder

“Stackline helped us identify product growth opportunities, gain an in-depth view of competitive strategies, and enhanced our keyword targeting and marketing spend. The ROI was immediate.”

Joy Simonsen

"Stackline is our primary category insight provider, and we count on them to provide definitive insight into ecommerce performance across our portfolio of brands."

Jeff Buysse

“Our partnership with Stackline propelled our organization by generating insights, sales growth and optimizing our marketing spend across the ecommerce channel."

Tiffany Pratt

“In a channel where companies are racing to gain knowledge, Stackline offers the expertise to build a strong foundation and drive sales much faster than we could have done on our own.”

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