Long live the bootstrapper

Shout out to our friends at Geekwire for sharing the Stackline story.

Kelly Stephenson, Director of Marketing

We were excited to get featured in Geekwire today for our boostrapping, limits-pushing approach to ecommerce intelligence. Check out the article here.

As an Amazonian, our founder & CEO saw clearly that ecommerce would continue to transform retail and marketing landscapes across the globe. But the industry at the time was supported by a long-tail of small, singularly-focused software and service providers. Brand leaders had to spend valuable energy and dollars attempting to stitch together a cogent view of their ecommerce performance from this grab bag of specialists.

Enter the Michael Lagoni lightning strike: what if a single company could consolidate all of the data, tools, and services in one offering to help clients operate more effectively? And what if the unbiased expertise of its ecommerce stewards could help fund the quest to build the most powerful retail intelligence software in the industry?

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