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New insight-packed data analysis tools you haven't seen anywhere else.

Kelly Stephenson

Our team is on a quest to give our world-class clients better e-commerce data, faster insights, and a clearer path to growth. Check out the innovative new tools we're launching to accelerate that work.

Understand the causes and effects of e-commerce KPIs at a glance


We're bringing advanced machine learning and competitive intelligence to our Beacon software platform. Our new Waterfall offers a first-of-its-kind look at total e-commerce performance. You'll see what activities are driving the expansion and contraction of your business so you know what to focus on next to grow.

Get easier access to your KPIs with an all-new navigation system 


Our mission is to simplify and organize the data that matters most to your business so you can get to the insights faster. We built a new navigation system for our software that rolls up your most relevant e-commerce KPIs under Traffic, Conversion, and Sales. You'll see the metrics you need at a glance, with easy access to the inputs that drive them.


Track advertising performance metrics 


View your full-funnel AMS advertising performance metrics. Track impressions, clicks, CTR, ad spend, ad sales, conversion rate, ROAS, and CPC all in one place.


Track profitability metrics


Dive into SKU-level profitability metrics including Retailer Margin, Brand COGs, and Brand Margin to get the full view of your Amazon P&L.


View trends at the campaign or keyword level for the first time


From the start, we've been providing access to data at the category, brand, and SKU level, and now you can view trends at the campaign, ad type, and keyword level, too.

We're here to increase our clients' insight and decrease the time they spend hunting for it. This latest upgrade to our Atlas and Beacon software represents a huge leap forward in that pursuit.

Ready to see more? Take a spin through the software that powers the e-commerce growth of more than 500 of the world's most dynamic brands.

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