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Our new release offers insight into competitor traffic, SEO & advertising.

Kelly Stephenson, Director of Marketing

You know we love diving deep into the complexities of the ecommerce channel. And nothing makes us happier than the work of wrangling millions of data points galloping on the open page. But what we've found through our explorations on the frontier of ecommerce intelligence is that all those data points can generally be herded into one of three stables: traffic, conversion, and sales.

That basic simplification of our business (and yours) was the genesis of our latest release. When you subscribe to the newest edition of Stackline's software, you'll see those output metrics right at the top of your page. You can then click into each to get industry-first access to paid and organic traffic data, long-tail keywords and CPCs, and ad spend across your competitive set.

Track all the keywords driving organic traffic in your category.

Organic traffic measures the total volume of shoppers who head to Amazon, type in a keyword (let's say “organic pet food”), scroll down past the paid ads, and click on your product in the search results. We know all the keywords shoppers are using to search in your category and which products and brands win subsequent clicks and conversions. For the first time, you can see every keyword driving any volume of traffic to your category and add the elusive long-tail of search to your SEO arsenal. (Most ecommerce advertisers are bidding on an average of 200 keywords, but with a complete list of the thousands of keywords generating ad clicks in your category and the CPC competitors are spending to win them, the range of opportunities expands dramatically.)

Find out how much your competitors are spending on advertising.

Paid traffic captures all the shoppers who head to Amazon, type in a keyword (let's say "world's best bug spray"), then click on a Sponsored Product Ad or Sponsored Brand Ad. In our latest software release, you can see the paid traffic volumes, conversion rates, and ROAS for any brand, product, or category.

Who wouldn't like a little peek into the SEO and paid advertising metrics of other category players? With that insight, you'll be master of your destiny, able to put your most advantageous strategies forward and see clearly which products have the greatest gravitational pull. No other software in the world can offer this competitive intelligence today.

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