Quick Look: Cough & Cold

Nothing to sneeze at: the cough & cold category is thriving on Amazon.

Kelly Stephenson, Director of Marketing

According to WebMD, people in the U.S. endure one billion colds annually, with adults picking up a bug between 2-4 times every year. As you cough and sneeze your way through January, remember that there is an upside: the nasal-industrial complex is flourishing.

The total Cough & Cold category grew 49% on Amazon in 2018, led by the 75% sales increase in the Cold & Flu Relief subcategory.

Below are the brands making the biggest moves in Cough & Cold.


Some established brands have struggled to hang onto market share as challengers grow. Mucinex retained the largest market share but grew slower than the category in 2018.

Among products, Boiron’s homeopathic, flu-busting Oscillococcinum is the overall Cough & Cold sales leader.

For a deeper look at the category and an analysis of what’s powering these brand and product moves, schedule a tour of the data with a Stackline pro.

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