Product Updates

Measuring Incremental Sales with Ad Manager

Our Ad Manager platform will predict your campaign economics and financial projections before you invest a single dollar

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Top 100 Fastest Growing & Declining Categories in E-commerce

A recap of the Top 100 fastest growing & declining categories in March 2020 vs. March 2019

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E-Commerce Advertising During COVID-19

How to shift your Amazon advertising as the e-commerce landscape shifts

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Amazon Advertising – What’s New in 2020

A recap of recent updates and enhancements to Amazon Stores and Sponsored Ads

Product Updates

Release Notes: Ad Manager

Advertising automation for online retail

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In the News

In recent news, our CEO shares a few mantras he lives by, and how he took the road less traveled to build a successful company

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Super Bowl Commercials

Advertisers who saw the biggest boost on Amazon post Super Bowl

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Amazon Q4 Earnings

Amazon Q4 earnings shatter original estimates following a record-breaking holiday season

Strategy Briefs

Cold & Flu Season is in Full Swing

The season of sick is coming on strong — and so are the related categories on Amazon

Strategy Briefs

Navigating Product Reviews on Amazon

Your top review questions answered

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Valentine’s Day E-Commerce Trends

‘Tis the season for love

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Amazon Stores

Refresh your Amazon Store for the new year

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Amazon Vine Launches for 3P Sellers

Increase the quality and quantity of your reviews with Amazon Vine – now available to FBA Sellers

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What is Amazon Posts?

Introducing Amazon Posts – a new way for brands to share beautifully curated, image-centric photos

Case Studies

Defending Your Ad Budget

How to make the case for bringing back (or growing) the e-commerce ad budget

Company News

Spotlight Series: Natalie May

Meet Natalie May, biochemist turned multi-platform e-commerce expert

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Prepping for the Holidays on Amazon

Get your brand ready to win the holidays on Amazon with this topline checklist

Strategy Briefs

How to Optimize Your Product Detail Page

Enhance your Amazon Product Detail Page with 5 Simple Steps

Strategy Briefs

Crafting A+ Content with Amazon's New Tools

Building an A+ product portfolio on Amazon just got a lot easier