Stackline launches Omni, next-generation digital shelf analytics augmented with real-time in-store data

Learn how Stackline is bringing together the physical and digital worlds, and yielding unprecedented insights

Company News

Stackline announces Discover, multi-category "unicorn finder" intelligence solution

Discover distills the tsunami of commerce data into a clear view of market dynamics and category intelligence.

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Stackline launches new marketplace growth engine: Drive

Drive is a fully autonomous retail advertising solution for brands looking to generate higher ROI across retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart.

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Stackline Launches Trends: The Ultimate Ranking of the Brands and Topics Shaping Retail

Trends leverages insight from over 300 billion ecommerce searches to provide unparalleled visibility into the consumer-driven U.S. economy

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The Trendsetter: Cooling Devices

Welcome to our new blog series, The Trendsetter. Each week we’ll highlight topics and brands from the newest Stackline addition - Trends

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Stackline's Intelligent Advertising Automation Tool Now Supports Instacart

We are thrilled to announce our first-ever partnership with Instacart, allowing advertisers to fully integrate Instacart Ads with Ad Manager for a seamless, automated ad management experience

Product Updates

Measuring Incremental Sales with Ad Manager

Our Ad Manager platform will predict your campaign economics and financial projections before you invest a single dollar

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Amazon Vine Launches for 3P Sellers

Increase the quality and quantity of your reviews with Amazon Vine – now available to FBA Sellers

Press Coverage

Accelerating Growth on Amazon

CSMC Media talks with our CEO about driving competitive advantage on Amazon

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Amazon Update & Q4 Earnings

News from next door: dynamic bids, 'new-to-brand,' and the earnings call

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Your New Year News Briefing

Check out some highlights from the industry news on our radar