Accelerating Growth on Amazon

April 10, 2019

Our CEO talked with Gabriella Pirrone of CMSC Media about Stackline's latest competitive intelligence tools, sharing insight into how a first-ever view of competitor ad spend and ROAS on Amazon and a complete list of category keywords can uncover new opportunities to drive efficient growth. Check out the full interview here and get a preview of Michael's perspective below:

"Brands selling in e-commerce channels are driving traffic to their products through digital advertising platforms that often treat all impressions, clicks, and conversions as equals. But we encourage brands to consider incrementality at each of those stages of the funnel: is this a net-new customer reaching your product as a direct result of your campaign, or was this customer likely headed into your conversion funnel anyway? Understanding the incremental sales revenue driven by each incremental dollar of investment is critical to making sound decisions about how to tune budgets across channels. We’re seeing more of our clients turn to our tools, like the new Traffic module, to help them track their marketing dollars to the point of purchase and make adjustments based on a clear-eyed assessment of return.”

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