Ad Manager Named ‘Best Ad Analytics Solution’ by the MarTech Breakthrough Awards

September 23, 2020

SEATTLE – September 23, 2020 – Stackline, a pioneering retail analytics and advertising provider for the world’s largest brands and manufacturers, today announced the company has been awarded “Best Ad Analytics Solution” by the MarTech Breakthrough Awards. Ad Manager, intelligent advertising automation tool and one of Stackline’s three retail technology solutions, utilizes real-time bidding, competitive advertising, profitability, conversion and incrementality data to develop and dynamically optimize high-performing e-commerce advertising campaigns.

“Adopting and reinventing e-commerce strategy has become critical for brands, especially as US e-commerce sales continue to surge," said Stackline CEO, Michael Lagoni. “We’re helping retailers reach their sales goals with automation and insights, and as brands find success utilizing digital channels, they’ll not only continue their own marketing investments but gain the needed efficiency to stand out in a competitive market.”

The “Best Ad Analytics Solution” designation is awarded to a company whose solutions and services went above and beyond in providing standout ad assistance to its customers. The MarTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies, technologies and products in the advertising, sales and marketing technology industry, today. Winners from other MarTech Breakthrough Awards categories include Shopify, Adobe, Mailchimp and more. 

Stackline won by breaking through the retail and martech landscape with the data, tools and services a brand needs to grow its e-commerce sales. By providing a one-stop-shop of data, tools and services to manage the world's biggest e-commerce brands, its vision and products have helped brands like General Mills, Levi’s, Sony, Starbucks and more, earn over $30 billion in e-commerce sales last year, alone. 

With three different tools, Atlas, Beacon and Ad Manager, as well as a services team that helps customers optimize e-commerce strategy, Stackline customers can unlock powerful insights and new opportunities for profitable growth. Collectively, Stackline products and expert support and industry expertise provide a macro- and micro-level overview of a brand’s industry and market, actionable e-commerce, advertising and marketing insights for over 2,000 customer brands in 14 different countries. 

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