Amazon Advertising – What’s New in 2020

March 12, 2020

Things are always changing in the Amazon Advertising world. Curious what's new? Keep reading for a summary of updated features and enhancements.

Sponsored Ads

Change History. History is now available for all Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns. This feature allows users to view a detailed summary of all changes made to campaign settings in the past 90 days. Check out the full recap here.

Redesign of Payment Settings. The management of payment and billing settings has been simplified, reducing the number of times needed to re-enter information when updating a payment method. Read more here.

United Arab Emirates. Sponsored Ads and Stores are now available in the UAE for sellers and vendors.


Amazon Stores

Stores are a great way bring the in-store experience online with a custom destination for your brand. We shared what Amazon Stores are and their features and benefits here, but Amazon recently announced additional enhancements now available to showcase your brand:

Shoppable collection images. You can now choose to make any of the images in your Store shoppable, enabling customers to click on the product to see information such as name, price, customer rating and Prime availability. Previously, images were clickable and took you to the product page to view this information, however it is now available without leaving the Store.

Images with text. You now can choose to add text overlays to images, which can improve your Store’s SEO.

Bulk and out-of-stock product management. Add multiple products to your Store at once through the new bulk upload feature, plus have your Store automatically hide products that are out of stock for a positive customer experience.

Stores scheduling. Do you have a new product launching and want to get your Store prepped ahead of time? The new scheduling feature allows you to publish updates at a set time so you can plan ahead.

New links to Stores. Amazon will now add your brand logo at the bottom of the page, which customers can click to go to your Store. This is in addition to the already available option to click Sponsored Ads directed to your Store.

For a full recap of the new enhancements, read more here.


And if you have any additional questions about these updates, reach out to a Stackline pro.

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