Category Overview: Plants & Flowers

Posted on
October 29, 2019

Plants are having a big moment. Bloomberg, Business Insider and HuffPost have all written about the millennial obsessions with plants. Or take a quick scroll through the #plantsofinstagram hashtag and you’ll find nearly 4M plant posts of fiddle leaf figs, succulents and cactus, to name a few. They are the perfect accessory for your home, office, business, and more. Here at Stackline we’re guilty of plant craze, too. Step foot into our Seattle HQ and you’ll be welcomed by a plant wall, followed by a large assortment of plants in all shapes and sizes scattered around the office.

We checked in on Amazon’s Plants & Flowers category to see if things are growing as quickly as the #plantsofinstagram hashtag. Total year-to-date sales hit $112M on Amazon US — that's up 31% from this time last year. Amazon even has a dedicated Plant Store to make your online plant shopping a breeze.

Although Fresh Cut Flowers is the leading subcategory, Live Indoor Plants and Other Plants are seeing stronger growth with retail sales increasing 37% and 61% YTD, respectively.

Scotts is the dominant brand in the category with sales growing 57% YTD and 7% market share. However, live indoor plant brand Costa Farms is growing at a faster rate, with retail sales up 63% YTD. Shop Succulents and Outside Pride, with 5% and 3% share, are growing at a slower rate than the category.

Flower focused brands including Benchmark Bouquets and KaBloom maintain top market share but are facing significant YoY declines as emerging plant focused brands continue to grow.

For deeper insight into the plants & flowers category, as well as an analysis of top products and brands, schedule a tour of the data with a Stackline pro.

Posted on
October 29, 2019
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