Cold & Flu Season is in Full Swing

January 29, 2020

Flu season is back and stronger than ever. In fact, the CDC reported 13 million flu cases in the 2019-2020 season so far. Some reports even say the flu is far more deadly than the Coronavirus, which has rapidly spread around the world the last two weeks. As flu season seems to be bigger each year, we looked to see how categories are trending compared with the prior year.


Cough and Cold. Retail sales for the cough and cold category are up 26% YTD. Search volume for this category is growing at an even faster rate, up 36% YTD as more consumers search for cough and cold medicine this year. Top search terms include cough drops, mucinex and vicks vaporub.


Cold & Flu Relief. This subcategory is growing 35% YTD, quicker than the total Cough and Cold category. The top selling product within this subcategory is a homeopathic flu relief medicine, with retail sales nearly 3X more than the number two selling product. Additionally, searches including the keyword ‘flu’ are growing 39% YTD, and 93% in the last week vs the prior week.


First Aid Masks. As news circulates worldwide on the rise of Coronavirus, it’s no surprise this subcategory is seeing retail sales grow over 125% YTD. Specifically, in the last week, sales of first aid masks spiked nearly 300% vs the week prior. The top selling product in this subcategory is a pack of disposable face masks with sales growing over 430% last week vs. the prior week.


Hand Sanitizer. When flu season comes around, hand sanitizer becomes even more important. The hand sanitizer subcategory is growing 19% YTD, with Purell dominating market share. Top products in this subcategory include alcohol-free hand sanitizer, portable hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer wipes to help you stay germ free on-the-go.


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