Dazzle Your Target Audiences with Display

January 17, 2019

Our mission to help you make the most of your opportunities across retail and marketing channels. One of the biggest questions we help brands navigate is, "Which investments should I make when?" Display advertising is a powerful component of a strong full-funnel digital marketing strategy, and we've taken a look at the most important inputs to success. Download our full Strategy Brief on display advertising below.

Set smart objectives. Based on your performance and your business goals, determine if the highest and best use of your incremental investment is to build your top-of-mind brand awareness and generate more traffic from branded search. Once you’ve answered that in the affirmative, allocate that spend to remarketing campaigns that drive consumers with demonstrated interest back to your products. Then apply learnings to lifestyle or in-market campaigns to appeal to relevant audiences that are not as well-acquainted with your brand.

Build attention-worthy campaigns. High-performing campaigns match the science of smart targeting and efficiency-driven investment with the art of high-impact creative. Prominent brand identity, stellar headline, unique and relevant visuals, and impossible-to-say-no CTAs are all clutch components of high-performing display.

Measure and optimize. Monitor your through-funnel KPIs with special emphasis on the metrics display campaigns are best-suited to move: share of branded search and branded search traffic (as downstream proxies for top-of-mind awareness and consideration). Use click-through rates to evaluate the performance of individual creatives and campaigns. And remind the skeptics that building brand awareness and generating demand for your products is part of the long-game. The data dots don’t always connect quite as quickly or obviously, but given time, showcasing your unique value to more of the humans who can and should appreciate it will keep that funnel full.

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