How to Build Content that Converts

October 15, 2018

Optimizing your content can do two things for your products at two different stages of the funnel. It can help you reinforce your differentiation and improve your conversion rate at the bottom of the funnel by showcasing the most relevant value to the highest-intent shoppers. And it can help you improve your organic search rank to drive more traffic to your product pages.

The key to content that can do this work? The right keywords and adherence to a few straightforward steps:

  • Conduct a share of voice analysis to benchmark your product’s current organic search ranking and traffic
  • Conduct a competitive audit to identify what competitors are saying and not saying through the claims, keywords, and visuals in their content, and find out which keywords drive their organic traffic
  • Identify top searched keywords and keywords with increasing volumes, and figure out where there’s credible overlap with your product’s attributes
  • Scrub existing content for opportunities to tell a keyword infused story about the benefits of your product and brand
  • Inject top keywords in titles, bullets, and descriptions on your product detail page
  • Track your share of voice to chart progress in your organic traffic gains
  • Forecast category trends and emerging shopper priorities by studying their search terms and finding out if there are product attributes they want that you’re not yet providing

We love all the tools of ecommerce business-building, but we confess that optimizing content for search and conversions has a special place in our data-led hearts. Your Amazon content is the showcase for everything that’s special and compelling about your products and brand. It’s time to apply data-driven insight in creative ways to see immediate results.

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