How to Harness the Power of Paid Search

March 8, 2019

Few advertising opportunities get you closer to the digital point of sale than Amazon search ads. Make the most of them by starting with these simple steps.

  • Know your keywords. Understand the traffic volumes associated with every keyword shoppers use to search in your category. Identify where competitors are spending, where they’re winning, and where there are exploitable gaps.
  • Set your objectives. Based on your performance and your business goals, determine if the highest and best use of your investment is to drive sales and win market share or to increase the efficiency of every dollar you spend -- even when that means spending less and driving incrementally lower volumes of traffic.
  • Build your campaigns. Start with Sponsored Product Ads for a lighter creative lift and test your way into a keyword bidding strategy that allows you to win traffic at CPCs (cost-perclick) that don’t break your budget.
  • Measure and optimize. Check in on your competitors’ paid search spend, keyword strategy, and CPCs to ensure you have the right budgets to compete, and tune strategy based on your priority KPIs.

Your search ads have the power to capture branded and unbranded interest in your category, helping you funnel the uninitiated to your brand and remind past purchasers that you're still the one they want. Read our Strategy Brief on Amazon PPC ads by clicking the thumbnail below:

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