From top hacks to be effective, powerful mantras to overcome obstacles, and how to build a successful company, our CEO, Michael Lagoni, shares a few mantras he lives by and how he took the road less traveled to build a successful company.  

Mantras can be incredibly helpful for anyone facing professional or personal challenges. Inc. chatted with our CEO about three specific mantras that support and guide him through the toughest challenges. “It's our belief grit is what separates good from great, and it's the most important characteristic of someone who will find a way to thrive no matter the headwinds…We think of grit as our secret weapon, demonstrated by a relentless commitment to doing more, going deeper, and working smarter than anyone else.” Read all three mantras here.


CEO Blog Nation wrote an article on CEO hacks to be effective and efficient and included our CEO among 29 other entrepreneurs. “We’ve found that our team performs best when each member finds satisfaction in engaging in work at all levels, from managing complex projects to helping cleanup data in a spreadsheet. No work is beneath anyone here because of their title. In fact, we encourage people to participate in work at all levels since we’ve found the best product ideas come from colleagues who pair a high-level understanding of the macro trends in the industry with the nitty-gritty details of how the job gets done every day.”


In an interview with DevPro Journal, read how Stackline self-funded, prioritizes grit & flexibility in hiring, and leverages customer feedback to direct product road map. “Our product and features come directly from the conversations we have with brand leaders every day. Our goal is to improve their bottom line,” says Lagoni. “User feedback is critical. We think one or two years ahead to predict what will happen in the industry and develop solutions and features within our platform that will align with the industry’s lightning-fast evolution.” Read the full article here.

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