Release Notes: First-Ever Competitive Intelligence

Posted on
March 13, 2019

You know we love diving deep into the complexities of the e-commerce channel, and nothing makes us happier than the work of wrangling millions of data points galloping on the open page. We applied that commitment -- and some innovative algorithms -- to our latest release to give you more e-commerce intelligence than ever before. Get industry-first insight into all the keywords driving clicks in your category, see cross-channel sources and volumes of paid and organic traffic across your competitive set for the first time, and get a full view of your competitors' advertising spend and return.

This insight doesn't exist anywhere else in the industry.

Get ready to track, optimize, and benchmark your e-commerce performance through the whole conversion funnel with industry-first access to:

  • The complete list of keywords and search volumes driving clicks in your category
  • Cost-per-click for each keyword to help you optimize paid search investments
  • Relative paid and organic traffic across competing brands and products
  • Return on ad spend and profitability metrics

With this unprecedented insight into consumer behavior prior to purchase, including their search behavior and engagement with paid ads, you'll be able to tune your marketing efforts across multiple digital and social channels based on how they affect your e-commerce traffic and sales.

We're providing visibility into the performance of $4 billion in advertising spend in the e-commerce channel, helping you scale reach, improve targeting, and increase return on investment in full-view of competitors’ online strategy -- and that's already helping our clients realize profitability increases of up to 58 percent.

Who wouldn't like a little peek into strategy and KPIs of other category players? With that insight, you'll be master of your destiny, able to put your most advantageous strategies forward and see clearly which products and marketing efforts have the greatest gravitational pull. No other software in the world can offer this competitive intelligence today.

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Posted on
March 13, 2019
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