Your New Year News Briefing

January 11, 2019

A year in Amazon Advertising

Take a look back at Amazon Advertising’s big 2018 moves for insight into what’s coming in 2019. Read more from Marketing Land.

Free samples: the digital way

Amazon is piloting a program to let major advertisers use its targeting algorithms to send free samples. Read more from Axios.

New SmartWater products to launch on Boxed

As Amazon offloads “CRaP” products, big brands like Coca-Cola are finding alternative distribution. Read more from AOL.

Making heads & tails of CES 2019

CES blew minds and altered the techscape yet again. Devices are smaller, tech more integrated, and minds more readable. Read more from Wired.

Amazon’s Key App is getting an upgrade

Customers using the Key App to remotely monitor home entrances and accept packages can now add their garage for drop off. Read more from TechCrunch.

The perfect fit: Amazon Showroom

Shopping furniture on Amazon? Try before your buy. The Showroom lets shoppers place items in virtual rooms. Read more from CNET.    

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