The Future of Prime Pantry

March 8, 2018

Prime Pantry, Amazon’s delivery service for non-perishable household goods, is shifting to a monthly subscription model. Currently, Prime Pantry is for Prime subscribers only and comes with a $6.00 per box charge. Under the new model, Prime Pantry shoppers will be nudged towards a monthly fee that includes free shipping on purchases of $40.00 or more. Customers who don’t choose to subscribe at the monthly rate will be charged $8.00 a box.

Prime Pantry is part of Amazon’s strategy to command a greater share of the $800-billion consumer packaged goods market, and Stackline forecasts that Prime Pantry will finish 2018 with $572 million in sales. Check out the extended coverage of Stackline's forecast and Prime Pantry's big moves on Bloomberg, and Zaks.

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