Release Notes: All Your KPIs in One Place

Posted on
February 8, 2019

Our software is here to simplify and accelerate our clients’ path to e-commerce success. And our latest release of Atlas — which provides category and brand intelligence you can't find anywhere else — is about to speed up your journey.

Here's a quick recap of what's new:

All your 'need-to-knows' in one place

When you log into Atlas, you'll land on the new "Summary" page, which serves as the executive-level snapshot of sales, market share, price trends, and more.

Business-driving KPIs made smarter

Atlas now includes several new metrics, including Sales per Sku (Sales / Active SKUs), Price Index (your ASP / category ASP), Products (Count of Active Products), and Catalog Efficiency (your Sales per Sku / Category Sales per SKU).

New charts that tell the story

For your viewing pleasure, many pages now include new charts that visualize key metrics. On the "Retail Sales" page for instance, you'll see charts that visualize "Sales by Subcategory," product count trends, among others.

Streamlined navigation  

The left navigation is now organized into Summary, Sales, Traffic, and Conversion. Sub-tabs are organized under these headers, which are also set up to receive the new Shopper Behavior tabs for clients that opt-in to that premium data.

Little hacks to make life easier

We've made subtle user interface improvements across the product, like an updated Compare tab, to make sure we increase the insight while we decrease the time you spend hunting for it.

Posted on
February 8, 2019
Product Updates