Stackline Discover: Actionable data for smarter investing.

See how Stackline Discover fuels your consumer brand investment strategy with comprehensive market views.

Stackline Discover: Actionable data for smarter investing.

Swipe. Click. Cart. Pay. This is the transactional, instant gratification endeavor to which shopping has evolved. Research continues to indicate that fewer people are shopping as a recreational activity in physical stores, and this seismic shift in retail – regardless of market conditions – is a critical factor in any consumer brand investment strategy. In just three years, ecommerce growth has risen by 50.5% and with this accelerated growth comes an overwhelming amount of data. It is essential that you and your teams access it, understand it, and act upon it.

The challenge is daunting. How can companies leverage millions of historical data points, real-time marketplace data, and walled garden data? Market players, from consumer-focused investment firms to brand leaders and category disruptors, want to understand "what's next" using retail intelligence and make those decisions confidently. Relying on legacy methods of determining consumer demand and identifying category movement is no longer an option. Organizations need access to actionable, comprehensive market views of where ecommerce transactions are happening. It is imperative to avoid missing market opportunities. The question, then, is how do you get these views?

The answer? Stackline Discover.

When deployed as the new cornerstone of your sourcing framework, Stackline Discover presents a clear view of market dynamics and category intelligence. It delivers the entire ecommerce universe to users in seconds, not minutes. Brand managers, ecommerce executives, and investors can analyze the most critical commerce metrics in any market or category they desire.

Top-Down Investing. Bottom Line Improving.

We have consistently observed across numerous “top-down” investment scenarios, that understanding fundamental market dynamics makes all the difference. Stackline Discover enables users to determine which segments and categories are attractive for investment based on tailored screening criteria. Identify inflection points, strategies for sustainable growth, whitespace opportunities, and areas with market momentum. From strong GMV growth to market share shifts, Stackline Discover provides customized snapshots garnered from tracking hundreds of thousands of brands.

Home & Furniture: Finding growth in a down category

While the Home & Furniture department appears to be on a downward trend, Discover allows you to identify the areas inside a broad department where opportunities still lie. As we can see below, Home & Furniture is down 2% YTD.

Source: Stackline Discover, Home & Furniture Category Performance YOY, Amazon US

Diving in one step deeper, we can see what areas of a department are outperforming prevailing department trends.

Source: Stackline Discover, Home & Furniture Subcategory Growth, Amazon US Greater than 100M sales and a positive sales change, ranked by sales change

Here we can see that the Luggage Sets subcategory is massively outperforming not only the previous year's numbers but also all other subcategories in the department.

Discover can also provide a deeper layer of insight into who is driving that growth. For example, which brands are moving in the luggage sets subcategory?

Source: Stackline Discover, Luggage Sets Subcategory by Brand, Amazon US Greater than 10M in Retail Sales

Using the above table, we observe growth across all the top 5 brands. However, growth is not the only metric utilized in determining category performance. Overall Share Change is an essential data point, from which investors can see brand performance relative to category growth. In this case, it appears that COOLIFE, SHOWKOO, and Travelers Club are all growing AND increasing their market share. ShowKoo in particular stands out with 555% YOY sales growth while capturing an additional 7% share of the market.

Pets: Finding Trends in the Pack

Stackline Discover streamlines the search for optimal investment opportunities, empowering investors to find fast-growing brands or companies that may align best with their current portfolio strategies. Whether firms are looking for up-and-coming brands before they become household names or underdeveloped, high-potential brands, Stackline Discover delivers the comprehensive digital intelligence that fuels investment growth.  In examining the Pets department, we can identify and evaluate current trending subcategories.

Source: Stackline Discover, Pets Department Trending Subcategories, Amazon US Year-over-year growth with +4M in total retail sales

One of the most notable is Dog Digestive Remedies with 59.4% growth YOY on $71.5M sales.

Who is driving this growth?  Within Stackline Discover, you can surface all brands within a category or subcategory.

Source: Stackline Discover, Pet Health Supplies YOY Growth, Amazon US All subcategories with $2.5M in annual sales and 4-star rating and above

In reviewing the chart above, we find that Petlab Co. is experiencing massive YOY growth (377%+ sales) within the Dog Digestive Remedies subcategory – a case of accelerated success that may be of interest for those searching for brands on the rise.

Another excellent reason to leverage Stackline Discover is to find brands dominating emerging subcategories. For example, Dog Cologne as a subcategory has grown 47% year-over-year. Surprising, right?

Source: Stackline Discover, Dog Cologne Subcategory Performance YOY, Amazon US

But who exactly is driving that subcategory growth? Well, Stackline Discover can tell you that, too.

Source: Stackline Discover, Overall Dog Cologne Subcategory Growth by Brand, Amazon US Year-over-Year Market Share change

It's clear from the data above that Bodhi Dog and Paw Fume are leading the pack. With solid conversion rates, ratings, and traffic share, these two brands are poised for future growth.


Stackline Discover was built to help investors access, analyze, and activate vast amounts of retail ecommerce data. As a key component of Stackline's Full Funnel Connected Commerce approach it is now possible to identify the most dynamic category movements and make smarter investment decisions faster. Deploying Stackline's proprietary deep learning, RAND technology core – which tracks the performance of over 500M product SKUs – Stackline Discover empowers users to quickly gather insights from detailed data across 6,000+ subcategories, globally. Users can filter, sort, and search by Retail Sales, Sales Change, Market Share, Share Change, Conversion Rate, Total Traffic, Average Review Scores, and more.

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