Stackline launches Omni, next-generation digital shelf analytics augmented with real-time in-store data

August 18, 2022

Seattle – August 18, 2022 – Stackline, the leader in full-funnel connected commerce, is proud to release Omni, a revolutionary way for brands to maximize their performance in digital marketplaces and brick-and-mortar stores.  Covering 50 countries, 500 retailers, and 500 million unique products, Omni enables brands with complete visibility into digital shelf, pricing, and operational performance for every store location, digital marketplace, and delivery platform.

As shopper behaviors continue to evolve at a rapid pace, the insights required for brands to be successful are becoming increasingly more complex. Powered by RAND, Stackline’s proprietary neural network and deep learning systems, Omni operates at a global scale, aggregating views of mission-critical marketing and operational data from every location and region.

The Digital Shelf is the new battleground for customer awareness and incremental revenue.  Using Stackline Omni dashboards, marketers can see visualizations that surface actionable insights for every SKU, every competitor, every retailer site, and marketplace.  Putting these insights into action, marketers will be armed with the intelligence and tactics to effectively capture sales at a global scale.

Where and how people are shopping continues to evolve.  Brands embracing the omnichannel operational mindset must ensure their products are available to everyone, everywhere, at any time.  Stackline Omni enables transparency into retailers with location-level inventory, pricing, and fulfillment channels.  

With fulfillment times influencing purchase decisions, Omni users can surface how fulfillment time differs by region and platform, understand how delivery platforms price products versus traditional retailers, and then understand how fulfillment is impacting their consumers.

Users wanting to be even more connected to their omnichannel performance can be alerted in real-time when inventory levels are critically low in regions or retailer locations, when brand reputation is at risk from poor ratings and reviews, or if content is inaccurate on retail websites.

Mitch Keidan, Stackline’s co-founder and head of product, said that Omni represents the next stage of offerings.

“We are pushing the boundaries of what data-driven decision making can be for brands.  Omni is a recognition that there is a better way to win globally.  A better way for brands to see across walled gardens, connect with customers, and navigate operational challenges.   Bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds is important because shoppers want to be able to purchase a product on their terms.  Omni enables brands to make that a reality,” said Keidan.

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On a mission to fuel the future of commerce by bringing brands and customers closer together, Stackline is the first full-funnel connected commerce platform for the world’s most innovative brands.  Business leaders, product innovators, performance marketers, and financial firms trust Stackline as the single source of commerce truth.  Fueled by proprietary neural networks and deep learning systems, Stackline’s market insights, revenue metrics, behavioral data, and autonomous functionality, create the actions that determine success or failure.

Founded in 2014 in Seattle, Stackline employs over 200 connected commerce professionals creating value for 7,000 global brands.

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