A Stackline Primer: Why We're Here

August 29, 2018

The average ecommerce leader is responsible for tracking millions of data points every week. (That’s probably more than even Carl Sagan could get jazzed about.) They have to be experts on their own business, their competitors’ businesses, trends and tailwinds in their industry, and the digital channels and platforms that increasingly power their growth.  And to help them manage these fast-changing galaxies, they often rely on an army of data providers and agencies, each claiming the primacy of their own particular angle on the truth.

Does this ecommerce leader sound like you? And more importantly, you doing okay?

If you’ve got time for a breather, let’s play a little game of ‘what if?’ What if there were a single source of truth that could help you make sense of the past, win in the present, and ensure growth in the future? And what if it could actually answer your questions instead of just adding to them?

At Stackline, it’s our mission to engineer the most powerful data, tools, and services for ecommerce leaders.

We’ve staked our purpose on turning billions of data points into a clear and comprehensive picture of what’s happening to your ecommerce business and why, at every stage of the funnel—from your sources of organic and paid traffic down to every last buy box click.

Our proprietary software stares down the metadata on every page of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world to identify what shoppers are searching, seeing, and clicking at any given moment on any given page. Our products then connect brands to that trove of data through dashboards that are easy to use and understand.

Get a definitive view of what’s going on across your category. Track market share, organic and paid traffic sources, ad spend and return, and sales data for your products and your competitors'—in real-time and over time—so you can identify the topline drivers of growth or contraction in your business. To amp up the insight, we recently launched a new module that shows you every keyword driving paid and organic search traffic to competitors’ products and your own.

We also break down ad spend and return by every product and brand to give advertisers an unprecedented look at their relative performance. (So when your boss asks you why you’re not gaining market share even though your brand pulls in the majority of organic search traffic, you can definitively tell her your competitors outspent you by 200% — and then adjust your marketing budget accordingly.)

If that’s not enough to reinvigorate your ecommerce enthusiasm, our software serves up a unified view of the most important product-level KPIs: sales and inventory data, content score, and ratings and reviews — all in one place. And (drum roll) you’ll see who’s winning the buy box, at what price, for every product in your portfolio.

We're here to transform everything happening with your ecommerce business into a clear picture of what’s working, what needs work, and who’s winning where. And our teams of ecommerce experts are ready to help you execute on those insights. They'll answer the big questions facing your business, build high-return display and search campaigns, reformulate your content to maximize search traffic, and deliver incisive analysis to help you stay ahead.

No need to wander the Amazon jungle alone. We can turn billions of data points into useful instruments of navigation so you can get growing.

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