Super Bowl Commercials

February 13, 2020

Whether you tuned into the Super Bowl for the sports, the half-time show, the commercials, or all three, there were some clear winners this year. The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl for the first time in almost 50 years, and J-Lo’s daughter stole the half-time show, but we were most excited to see which advertisers won online following their multi-million dollar commercials. Advertisers this year ranged from tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, to presidential campaigns, plus the usual soda, beer and snack variety. We evaluated which advertisers saw the biggest traffic boost on Amazon following their Super Bowl commercial and narrowed down the top five brands below.


Reese’s. Reese’s first ever Super Bowl commercial was all about their Take 5 candy bar. The humorous commercial of a woman in her cubicle resulted in total traffic for Reese’s Take 5 products to surge 785% on Amazon last week vs. the prior week. Retail sales also increased 441% during this period, with the Pack of 18 Take 5 bars winning the top retail sales spot.


Mountain Dew.  Mountain Dew’s Super Bowl commercial “Zero Sugar, As Good as the Original” featured their new MTN DEW Zero Sugar in a remake of a scene from ‘The Shining.’ Total traffic for MTN DEW Zero Sugar products increased 322% last week vs. the prior week and retail sales increased 17%. Top product was the 18 pack of MTN DEW Zero Sugar 12oz.


Cheetos. Cheetos Popcorn was introduced during their Super Bowl commercial featuring MC Hammer and his song “Can’t Touch This.” As a result, total traffic for Cheetos Popcorn products increased 258% last week vs. the prior week, with retail sales increasing 238%. The Cheetos Popcorn 40 Pack variant featuring both Cheddar and Flamin’ Hot flavors was the best seller.


Pepsi. Similar to Mountain Dew, Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial advertised their Zero Sugar offering and featured Missy Elliott and H.E.R. with the tagline “Zero Sugar. Done Right.” Total traffic for Pepsi Zero Sugar increased 249% last week vs. the prior week, and retail sales increased 67%.The Pepsi Zero Sugar 12 Pack of 12oz cans was the top selling variant, although the 6 Count Zero Sugar bottles increased at a faster rate.


Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s new Coke Energy (“Energy you want. Taste you love.”) was released at the beginning of the month and featured in their Super Bowl commercial with filmmaker Martin Scorsese and actor Jonah Hill. For Coke Energy products, total traffic increased 246% on Amazon last week vs. the prior week, and retail sales increased 221%. Top sellers included the 12oz 24 Pack, Regular and Sugar Free.


For additional insight on brands who benefited most from their Super Bowl ads, reach out to a Stackline Pro.

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