The Trendsetter: Luggage

July 22, 2021

The summer travel boom has arrived. After 15 months of quarantining in a pandemic world, “more than 50% of Americans have summer travel plans” as they have been vaccinated and restrictions are lifted. Some are visiting family and friends they haven’t seen in over a year, while others are taking a long overdue summer vacation. 

This rise in travel is not only driving up the prices of airfare and hotel rates, it’s also driving up the volume of consumers searching for travel-related gear. Luggage is seeing a huge uptick as it climbs to the #24 topic in the U.S. with 79.1M searches year-to-date. Consumers are specifically searching for: luggage, suitcase, luggage sets, carry on luggage, and luggage tags as they prepare to travel. 

Other topics seeing a rise as consumers pack their bags and jet off to their summer destination? Duffel Bags, Hard Sided Luggage, and Soft Sided Luggage

The Brands

Many luggage brands are finally gaining momentum and seeing a steady rise in consumer searches since early April (with a peak during Amazon’s Prime Week). Samsonite is the leading brand with 3.2M consumer searches year-to-date and we expect this volume to continue growing throughout the year. 

Top luggage brands that follow include: Tumi, Away, Travelpro, Rockland, and COOLIFE

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