The Trendsetter: Wedding Wear

July 30, 2021

Last year, about 1 million couples in the U.S. postponed their nuptials, canceled them altogether or had a legal ceremony and delayed the reception.” Now, a year later, restrictions for large events have loosened and wedding season is back and expected to be bigger than ever. 

Couples who delayed 2020 weddings or were already planning to get married in 2021, combined with newly engaged couples, have left the wedding industry scrambling to keep up as calendars fill up for the 2021, 2022, and even 2023 seasons.

With the season showing promise, brides have resumed their search for wedding outfits. There have been 36.3M searches for Bridal Gowns year-to-date in the U.S., a 35.1% increase from the previous year-to-date period. Of the 36.3M searches, there are 14.2M searches specifically for “wedding dress” and 1.1M searches for “wedding dresses for bride 2021.” 

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Brides are also searching for Bridal Veils and Bridesmaid Dresses to pair with their wedding dress. Plus, no look is complete without a touch of jewelry, like a Pearl Necklace, Huggie Earrings or Pendant Necklaces

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