8-minute insights - Grocery brand benchmarks

Rapid zero-party insights with industry experts focusing on Grocery brands

8-minute insights - Grocery brand benchmarks

In this episode of "8-Minute Insights," we take a deep dive into the world of zero-party data and uncover insights from millions of shoppers on major retail platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. This week's episode focuses on the Grocery category, leveraging data from 5 million surveys across 5,000 brands. The episode features three experts from Stackline, who explore various aspects of consumer behavior, such as price and brand satisfaction, loyalty towards private label brands, and the dynamics of brand discovery.

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Key takeaways

Top 15 NPS Brands Drive Satisfaction Over Price

  • Brands like Dr. Pepper, Philadelphia, Nespresso, and Alani Nu lead in customer satisfaction.
  • 74% of their customers compare prices before buying, higher than the industry average of 67%.
  • Only 8% of their shoppers consider price a key purchasing factor, compared to 44% for the category.
  • Despite 26% perceiving these brands as expensive, 88% would still choose them over cheaper alternatives.

Private Label Brands Show Unexpected Loyalty

  • National brands are losing share to private labels, partly due to inflation.
  • Great Value boasts an 83% loyalty rate, nearly matching the 84% for national brands.
  • 72% of Great Value loyalists cite price and promotions as their main loyalty driver, compared to the category average of 41%.
  • 47% would continue choosing Great Value even if its prices were higher than similar products.

Strategic Insights

  • Emphasizing product quality and brand experience over price can enhance consumer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty.
  • Private labels are evolving from budget options to preferred choices, maintaining strong loyalty even during economic upturns.


  • Melissa West, Director, Solutions Architecture  
  • Courtney Talmadge, Senior Director, Professional Services
  • Reed Buchanan, Director, Shopper OS
  • Red Russak – Director, Product Marketing

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Red Russak

Red Russak

Director, Product Marketing

Since joining Stackline in 2022, Red has held key revenue-supporting roles. His current focus is marketing the latest innovations from Stackline.


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