ON-DEMAND Stackline + Forrester: How brands can scale profitably in retail commerce

July 28, 2022

How brands can scale profitably in retail commerce: The economic impact of Stackline

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As consumer behaviors shift towards digital channels, brands operating in digital and brick-and-mortar marketplaces must embrace new technologies and mindsets to win. Competing on price alone is simply a race to the bottom. How can brand leaders rally their organizations to take advantage of these shifts? What information and tools are required? How do I prove my case to show bottom-line business impact?

Our experienced speakers provide an overview of the current state of retail media, how Stackline fits into the ecosystem, and highlights from Forrester's recent TEI study on Stackline's platform.

Covered topics:

  • The State of Retail Commerce – Key trends and learnings
  • Costs and Benefits of Stackline's platform
  • Building a robust business case
Featured speakers:  

Sucharita Kodali - Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Stephanie Slate - Senior TEI Consultant, Forrester

Alex Rowe – Vice President, Strategic and Enterprise, Stackline  

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