What is Amazon Posts?

December 4, 2019

Amazon is taking cues from social media’s world of beautifully curated, image-centric feeds with the launch of Posts – “a new browse and discovery experience on Amazon focused on brand-shopping.” Posts allows brands to share inspiring photos of their products on a brand-owned detail page, related brand detail page, related post feed and category-based feed. Shoppers can scroll through a carousel of Posts that each direct back to the brands product detail page with the option to buy the product.

How does it work?

The Posts beta is currently available to select brands (for free!) who are enrolled in Brand Registry and have a live Brand Store. Brands should consider re-purposing current content shared across social channels for a consistent brand message. For those looking to craft new content, Amazon shares five steps needed to build a Post:

A.   Profile Banner. Displays the name and logo of the brand.

B.   Custom Image. High-res lifestyle or product image which shows features of the product and tells your brand story.

C.   “Show product” Icon. This clickable icon will hide or reveal a product card that displays details including price, star rating, and Prime eligibility for the product featured in the post.

D.   Caption Text. Custom captions help brands emphasize product features and branding while communicating a call to action.

E.   Category Tags. Amazon will auto-tag your posts with relevant product categories. Similar to clicking a #hashtag on Instagram, tapping on a category tag will take shoppers into a vertical feed of posts relevant to that tag.

Are metrics available?

Posts will provide brands access to traffic metrics including impressions, clicks, and click through rates. Since the program is designed to drive brand and product awareness, Amazon is not providing any metrics around sales attribution at this time. This is a great opportunity for brands to expand their appeal with rich storytelling, extend their reach, and drive awareness to their products at no additional cost.

What’s next?

While Posts is still in beta, we anticipate the program will expand its functionality next year after collecting feedback from brands and shoppers. Our team is already busy setting up Posts for a handful of clients and is here to answer any questions you may have. Brands can also check out Amazon’s post for additional details on content specifications and qualifications for participation.

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