With Amazon removing LBB% reporting, what are Brands to do?

Over 80% of customer purchases go to the buy box winner. Learn how brands can leverage Beacon to overcome changes to Vendor Central.

With Amazon removing LBB% reporting, what are Brands to do?

December 27, 2022 - Recent changes to Amazon's Retail Analytics and Brand Analytics reporting tools have severe implications to the performance data available to vendors. While many of the available metrics remain unchanged, Lost Buy Box Rate (LBB%) measurement is no longer available through Vendor Central. Additionally, the historical lookback window for weekly sales data has been reduced from 54 weeks to only 6.

Amazon is also expanding access to Retail Analytics to include non-brand owners – making the tools available to all vendors, both manufacturers and distributors – regardless of Brand Registry status. However, the Net PPM dashboard and the manufacturer view in all dashboards will remain available only to registered manufacturers.

Lost Buy Box Rate, measured as the percentage of time a vendor is not appearing as the default purchase option on an Amazon product detail page (PDP), is essential to understanding and optimizing brand performance. This metric is determined for each product in your portfolio using a collection of factors, including product content, Prime shipping availability, inventory on-hand, consumer ratings & reviews, and arguably the most critical, pricing and profitability. Identifying risks in any one of these product components requires visibility into your LBB%, changes to it over time, and the competitors winning on your products.

Without these insights, how do you confidently develop go-to-market strategies to win market share?

Over 80% of customer purchases on Amazon go to the Buy Box winner. Understanding when and how you gain that win is imperative to improving your go-to-market performance - From addressing supply chain consolidation, to managing reseller/distributor challenges, to evaluating competitive pricing strategies.

With the depreciation of this key metric in Vendor Central, brands and sellers need a new way to accurately measure and track their product LBB%. That's where Stackline comes in.  

We've been working with brands to solve major challenges like this for years. Stackline tools and services are backed by our proprietary neural network, which allows us to independently source and verify performance intelligence at a global scale. Unlike the point solution providers, Stackline Beacon offers end-to-end business performance measurement in a single, up-to-date dashboard, which includes accurate LBB% data for your entire product catalog. Our offering has the unique ability to help you identify and track each competitor beating you in the Buy Box for your products.

Beacon was designed to help manufacturers and brand owners find lost sales opportunities and manage channel conflicts with complete performance clarity. The dashboard has the unique ability to provide total transparency into shifting shopper trends and their resulting impact on every product and brand.

To ensure our partners continually maintain an end-to-end performance understanding, Stackline Beacon also includes:  

  • Cross-retailer visibility: Track performance across every retailer in your portfolio, including international markets
  • Decisive performance intelligence: Understand traffic sources and breakouts between paid and organic click-through metrics for every SKU and retailer.
  • Operational automation: Identify and track revenue recovery opportunities from retailer chargebacks.  
  • Root cause analysis: Review waterfall visualizations to pinpoint traffic and conversion metrics driving shifts in sales performance.
  • Granular historical data: Access historical weekly sales data for trend analysis looking back up to four years.  
  • Digital shelf measurement: Monitor content, reviews, and digital shelf operations to pinpoint sales and optimization opportunities.
  • Omni-level insights: Combine brick-and-mortar data with eCommerce channel intelligence for holistic performance tracking.

To see a demo of Stackline Beacon and sign up for a 3-month free trial, contact our team here.

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On a mission to fuel the future of commerce by bringing brands and customers closer together, Stackline is the first full-funnel connected commerce platform for the world's most innovative brands.  Business leaders, product innovators, performance marketers, and financial firms trust Stackline as the single source of commerce truth.  Fueled by proprietary neural networks and deep learning systems, Stackline's market insights, revenue metrics, behavioral data, and autonomous functionality, create the actions that determine success or failure.

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