About us.

Stackline is the leading provider of online retail analytics.

Inventing the future of retail analytics.

Our background.

Stackline is a retail intelligence and software company based in Seattle, WA that was founded by a group of Amazon veterans.  We’re united in a relentless pursuit to solve the industry's toughest big data challenges.

Our objective.

We believe in augmenting human intelligence by combining software and data science. Our patent-pending computational platform helps companies unleash analytics on rich data to turn consumer insights into commercial excellence.

Our mission.

Engineer the world’s most unified view of e-commerce and make it universally accessible.

Who we are.

We’re led by a team of enterprise software pioneers, all with first-hand experience navigating the online retail channel, that believed good data and the right technology can help people and companies make smarter decisions.

We knew that shining a spotlight on the world’s most valuable data in online retail – sales on every category, brand and product – would free companies from the guesswork leading to costly mistakes and empower them to make informed decisions. When we looked at the available solutions, we saw products that were too broad, inaccurate and outdated.

We saw a need for a different kind of technology, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That’s why we founded Stackline.

What we do.

Our elegant, intuitive analytics and market intelligence products help companies gain instant visibility into weekly sales for hundreds of categories, thousands of brands and millions of products.

We measure data across the largest online retailers to give you the most complete view of trends and consumer shopping behavior. And we’re constantly evolving, not only in terms of what we measure, but in how our insights can help you make better decisions.

Our products are supported by industry-leading data science practices and technology. The data algorithms and software we’ve developed aggregate, transform and connect the world’s largest knowledgebase of e-commerce sales data into a single easy-to-use platform that empowers businesses to make more informed product, marketing and operations decisions.

Online retail is growing fast. And we are too.

Our engineers and data scientists are building the industry's most valuable analytics platform. To do this, we are growing fast. If you love e-commerce and have a passion for data, join us.

Our advantage.

Our computational platform learns, adapts and improves at an ever-increasing rate, creating a compounding effect that generates greater accuracy and predictive capabilities.

How we measure.

No consumer panels or surveys. No sample bias. Our unprecedented capabilities track billions of inputs from the largest online retailers, which includes sales from web, tablet and mobile devices.

We have built the world’s most scalable e-commerce intelligence system that can identify unseen patterns from large amounts of data and then derive intelligence for better decision-making. Using massively scaled, distributed computation, our proprietary solution can learn, adapt and react faster to provide more accurate insights.

We’re also continually expanding our data by testing, adding and refining new signals and inputs to increase our prediction accuracy. This intelligent and flexible system delivers sales estimates you can trust and median error rate of 12 percent.

Where we're headed.

We are firm believers in the combined power of people, data and breakthrough technology.

We are working to build a future in which companies can use our data as a comprehensive, unbiased source of information to shape both near-term decisions and long-term strategies. Our proprietary data, software and methodologies can scale our services both horizontally into new markets and vertically into new applications.

Our mission is to deliver game-changing insights, so you can benchmark your performance, ensure efficient resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions about products, pricing, marketing, advertising and more.

Hundreds of the world's biggest brands use Stackline.

Leading companies choose Stackline as their source of e-commerce intelligence.