Stackline is a leading provider of retail technology and services.

Our mission.

Engineer the world’s most unified view of e-commerce and make it universally accessible.

Stackline is a retail intelligence and software company based in Seattle, WA that was founded by a group of Amazon veterans.  Our technology activates data, automates execution, and optimizes e-commerce marketing performance for hundreds of the world’s largest companies.
We believe in augmenting human intelligence by combining software and data science. Our patent-pending computational platform helps companies unleash analytics on rich data to turn consumer insights into commercial excellence.
We are firm believers in the combined power of people, data and breakthrough technology. Our goal is to deliver game-changing insights, so you can benchmark your performance, ensure efficient resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions about products, pricing, marketing, advertising and more.
Our elegant, intuitive analytics and market intelligence products help companies gain instant visibility into weekly sales, marketing and shopper behavior for hundreds of categories, thousands of brands and millions of products.
Data science.
Our products are supported by industry-leading data science practices and technology. The data algorithms and software we’ve developed aggregate, transform and connect the world’s largest knowledgebase of e-commerce sales data into a single easy-to-use platform.
No consumer panels or surveys. No sample bias. Our unprecedented capabilities track billions of inputs from the largest online retailers, which includes sales from web, tablet and mobile devices.

Online retail is growing fast. And we are too.

If you love e-commerce and have a passion for data, join us.

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Our customers.

Hundreds of the world's biggest brands use Stackline.

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