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Stackline provides the tools, insights, and services to successfully expand your business into new retailers, categories, and regions.

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Unlock new markets instantly

Stackline Atlas surfaces the shopper insights required to scale into new markets and retailers.  Identify keywords, category dynamics, and competitors.  Pinpoint shopper behaviors by retailer and act with assurance.


Scale advertising to more retailers and regions

Stackline Drive gives businesses the power to effortlessly manage retail media in any country – on Amazon, Walmart, and more retailers.  With algorithms unique to each retailer platform and region, automate your campaigns to drive higher incrementality.


Manage and exceed expectations

Stackline Drive has built in forecasting unique to each retailer and country.  Accurately calculate performance metrics even if you are missing historical data.  

Stackline’s vast historical network can project – with confidence – a four-week computation ensuring that every penny counts and no money is wasted on ineffective campaigns.


Access a team of cross-functional retail experts

Looking for bench strength?  Stackline Professional Services can provide you with the insights necessary to design a winning strategy and expertise to implement it successfully.

“Stackline's professional services teams are experts in their craft.”

Kimberly Petska
Director of Marketing, Google

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