View sales data on millions of products.

Stackline Atlas integrates data from the online retail channel, giving you access to metrics spanning hundreds of categories, 80,000 brands, and 5 million products.

stackline mobile sales tracking


Precision and accuracy you can trust.

Accuracy is everything when it comes to estimating sales on millions of products.  Our breakthrough algorithms predict sales with a median error rate of 12 percent.

stackline accuracy


Beautifully designed and easy to use.

Our powerful data visualizations deliver a beautiful design experience that you can access from any device, since all of our data is stored in the cloud.

stackline mobile design

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Stackline Atlas.

Track sales data on millions of products and thousands of brands.

stackline product intelligence

Insights at the blink of an eye.

Get unparalleled insight into the e-commerce ecosystem with sales data on every product, brand and category. All the power of weekly sales history, price trends and market share figures is now available in the palm of your hand.

View weekly sales data on millions of products.
Identify new brands quickly gaining market share.
Analyze how price changes impact sales and margins.
Explore how TV, social media and other cross-channel promotions affect sales.

All the data you want in the palm of your hand.

With a wide range of data and features, Stackline Atlas will change the way you work.


Access proprietary data that from the largest online retailers and includes sales from web, tablet and mobile devices.


View key metrics for every category and product segment, such as sales trends, market share, growth rates and more.


Analyze our powerful knowledgebase that tracks sales, products and market share metrics for more than 80,000 brands.


Access the largest e-commerce data platform with weekly sales and pricing data on over 5 million products.

Top Charts

Instantly spot the weekly best-selling categories, brands and products in your market with our Top Charts feature.


Track weekly retail prices and discounts for more than 5 million products and measure the resulting sales impact.

Weekly Updates

Receive 52 weekly sales updates a year, so you can stay on top of dynamic marketplace trends as they happen.


Easily search by product name, SKU, UPC or any other keyword to quickly find the products you’d like to analyze.


Simply add another category or product to your charts, so you can see head-to-head sales and price comparisons.

Sales measured on all devices.

Customers shop on many devices, rendering most audience measurement practices incomplete. Fortunately, Stackline’s revolutionary tracking technology was designed to overcome these obstacles and measure sales from every device, delivering the most comprehensive data in online retail.


A powerful and easy-to-use platform.

Access our rich dashboards and insights on web, tablet and mobile devices.

Get started with a few clicks.

Stackline Atlas helps you quickly and easily get answers from e-commerce data.  No IT integration. No administrators. Just you and a few clicks.  Our cloud-based data platform is ready for you to access right out of the box.

As easy to use as it is beautiful to look at.
Filters and comparisons for richer analyses.
24 hour support and advisory services ensure you maximize value.
Following feature helps you track the products most important to your business.
stackline top products

How it works.

Our predictive models integrate billions of data elements from the largest online retailers.

Retailer Coverage

We integrate multiple sources of data from the largest online retailers, giving you unmatched depth and visibility into what consumers buy.

Product Signals

Our data scientists capture, cleanse and map every data point on millions of products, regardless of type or volume, into a single, coherent model.

Machine Learning

Our human-assisted machine learning engine interprets massive, unstructured data sets capable of detecting anomalies and creating accurate sales profiles.

Hundreds of the world's biggest brands use Stackline.

Leading companies choose Stackline as their source of e-commerce intelligence.

How can Stackline help you?

We deliver mission critical data for a wide range of customers.

Consumer product manufacturers.

Track the health of your business by analyzing your sales and market share compared to other brands in your category. Instantly surface insights, such as category-level sales trends and growth rates, or more granular views of weekly sales following your competitor’s new product release. 

Measure how e-mail, social, TV or other media campaigns increase sales in the online retail channel.
Quickly identify and react to competitor price changes that generate incremental revenue gains.
Inform your product design strategy by viewing the features and attributes most popular among best-sellers.
Retailers and resellers.

Accessing detailed data about every dollar spent across the major online retailers allows both brick-and-mortar and online retailers to benchmark their sales, prices and growth rates with unprecedented accuracy, allowing them to make smarter decisions about assortment, pricing and promotions. 

Track the retail sales, growth and market share of target product categories.
Evaluate how your pricing strategy compares to the largest online retailers.
Identify the fastest-growing brands and products to inform your sourcing and assortment plans.
Media and public relations.

Leverage the world’s most powerful source of e-commerce intelligence to inform and validate your research. Access market statistics to provide concrete evidence about a specific product, brand, category or retailer, helping you deliver data-informed insights. 

Easily see how well new “hit” products are performing in the marketplace.
Instantly understand a brand’s market position and competitive landscape.
Validate market share and growth rate figures produced by retailers and brands.
Advertisers, consultants and more.

Provide prospective and current clients with in-depth market research statistics that will empower your pitches and impress even the most seasoned executives. Get SKU-level sales data for thousands of brands and millions of products to improve your strategic planning for every client. 

Identify the most successful products and brands by category to inform your media planning.
Evaluate the pricing landscape to understand how your client is positioned in the marketplace.
Easily attribute sales increases in the online retail channel to your cross-channel media campaigns.

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