Predictive insights to power commerce growth

Beacon connects data across your entire commerce business, providing full-funnel forecasts and performance insights that fuel profitable growth.



Why brand leaders choose Beacon for retail analytics


Unify retail analytics in every market

Beacon unites real-time data across shopper, marketing, operations, and competitive intelligence.  It also equips brands with tools to automate scenario planning and forecasting across online marketplaces in 26 countries.


Prediction is power

Beacon helps ecommerce teams unleash their full potential by delivering astonishingly accurate product-level forecasts across all sales, marketing, and operational metrics.

Deploy magnificent computational power and utilize artificial intelligence to identify unseen patterns from large data sets to make better decisions, faster.

Sales forecasts

Predict forward-looking weekly sales on every product with astonishing accuracy.

Advertising forecasts

Easily see historical and future advertising traffic, spend, and sales impact.

Marketing forecasts

View the future sales impact of your content, promotion, and other marketing programs.

Operations forecasts

Evaluate critical operations metrics and see projected inventory levels.


Designed to take teamwork to the next level

Beacon makes ecommerce leaders better at their most important work. It unifies your team's data and projects across all functions — made more useful with machine learning — putting knowledge in everyone’s hands.

Supercharge collaboration

Unify your cross-functional team projects to measure progress and view the forecasted sales impact.

Predictive scenario planning

Simply describe marketing scenarios and budgets — and Beacon will display instant sales predictions.


Driving sales start with having the right data

Beacon is breakthrough forecasting technology — pushed even further. Backed by artificial intelligence, Beacon will automatically identify and surface growth opportunities and recommendations on every product.


Competitive benchmarks for critical decisions

Beacon empowers ecommerce teams with the insights to harmonize and automate decision-making in complex settings.

Competitive benchmarks

Measure how every product stacks up to the competition across critical performance metrics.

Growth insights

Get AI-backed insights that help you move beyond visualizing data to driving real-time decisions.


Monitor the traffic sources of every product

Easily view the flow of new customers and traffic sources across organic, paid, and other marketing channels. Evaluate both the traffic and sales impact of each source.

Organic traffic

Gain insight into high-value SEO terms and phrases that can drive growth for your brand.

Paid traffic

Access advertising analytics that display the incremental sales impact of every campaign.

External traffic

Measure the traffic volumes and sales from external sites and display campaigns.


Access the key search volumes of every customer that views and buys your products.


Access advanced sales and profitability analytics

From marketing performance to operations, Beacon is designed to help you scale profitably by providing visibility into every product and retailer.

Sales analytics

Unify all sales and marketing metrics into a single, harmonized view.

Profitability metrics

Automatically track margins on every product to provide deep understanding of profitability and ROI with each retail partner.


Measure reviews, content, promotions & more

Benchmark the performance of your marketing activities and pinpoint the net sales impact driven by every program.


Access all customer ratings and reviews in a structured analytics platform.


Benchmark and improve the performance of your content and catalog programs.


Identify non-compliant product and content across retailers with real-time alerts.


Track prices, promotions, and measure the elasticity impact on your retail sales.

Upgrade your operations

Beacon equips you with a full suite of capabilities to reduce fees and shortages to boost your financial performance.

Fee transparency

View details of your fees, from the brand level down to the individual dispute.

Dispute analytics

Access dispute analytics and transaction details in real time.

Root cause attribution

Eliminate defects causing downstream inefficiencies in supply chain.

Expand margins

Recouped fees and chargeback savings positively impact profitability.

Improve forecasting

Bridge blind spots between forecasting and retailer buying patterns.

Proactive alarms

Prevent out-of-stocks from occurring by receiving real-time operational alerts.

Reduce labor cost

Eliminate thousands of annual hours spent analyzing and managing disputes.


Meet the immediate needs of your brand today and scale for the future.


Access advanced data, tools, and services across all operational needs.

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