Execute your online strategy with our experts

E-commerce services, on demand

Accelerate sales growth with our specialists managing your online retail strategy


Increase sales by having our retail experts create, deploy and measure targeted advertising campaigns that will attract your core audience.

SEO & Content

Ensure your products are discovered more often when customers enter search terms on a retailer’s website.


Employ our team of e-commerce experts to forecast inventory, improve catalog quality, identify counterfeit listings and much more.

Advertising & promotions

Shopper behavior

Monitor the activities of your customers that lead up to each purchase.

Campaign management

Increase sales by having our retail experts launch targeted advertising campaigns.

Analytics & optimization

Utilize powerful data automation to adjust targeting, bids, budgets and more to boost ROAS.

SEO & content services

SEO & SOV tracking

Boost the visibility of your products in organic search results.

Content creation & scoring

Ensure your content is organized and optimized for every online retailer.

Catalog management

Access the team and tools you need to effectively manage your entire product catalog.

Operations services

Business analytics

Receive detailed insights and analyses on your business drivers and performance.

Inventory planning

Make smart inventory decisions by utilizing our channel-specific forecasting tools.

Risk management

Utilize our team of experts to identify counterfeit products, reduce fees and shipping penalties and much more.

“Stackline delivered immediate results for our organization by generating sales growth and optimizing our marketing spend.”

Jeff Buysse

“In a channel where most companies are racing to gain knowledge, Stackline offers the expertise to build a strong foundation and drive sales much faster than we could have done on our own.”

Tiffany Pratt

“Working with Stackline delivered immediate results by generating sales growth, delivering insightful analyses and marketing services.”

Kay Berkowitz

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