The digital shelf is the new battleground for brands

Ensuring you have visibility into, and can act against, your competitors is paramount.

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Outsmart your competition

For ultimate success in today's commerce market, it is essential to have unimpeded visibility into every product you sell – from organic and paid search rankings to digital shelf performance.

Take control of your digital search landscape with Stackline Omni. Uncover who your competitors are and see which ones have staying power by examining their organic versus paid share.  Get the insights that will keep you ahead of the competition.


Elevate your retail media strategies

With traditional performance metrics proving to be inadequate, savvy advertisers are turning to a more informative alternative – incrementality.

Far from being just another ‘AI retail media platform’, Stackline Drive is the first solution that offers fully autonomous campaign optimization built around delivering incremental conversions.  

Forget guesswork: unlock maximum value for each product with your tailored operations set up through Drive’s cutting-edge optimization capabilities.


Increase product visibility

Make sure your products stand out in retailer searches with Stackline's innovative content analytics and compliance system.

Monitor and perfect titles, bullets, images and videos for the ultimate content score - ensuring your products get noticed.  Optimize for maximum visibility and stand out from the crowd.


Access a team of cross-functional retail experts

Stackline's Professional Services team elevates the success of growing brands by expertly managing inventory, predicting future demand through forecasting, and optimizing supply chain programs for maximum efficiency relative to each brand’s unique needs – all while keeping an eagle eye on chargebacks & shortages.

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