Crafting A+ Content with Amazon's New Tools

Building an A+ product portfolio on Amazon just got a lot easier.

Crafting A+ Content with Amazon's New Tools

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is helping clients tackle work that can get them big results without big budgets. With the latest update to Amazon's A+ content builder, Amazon vendors can access a free, enhanced marketing tool that's even easier to use.

Before we outline the updates, here's a quick refresher on the who, what, and why of A+ content:

Who can create A+ Content?

All Amazon vendors have the option to create basic A+ content for their ASINs. There is currently no fee for adding A+ content to the Amazon product detail page.

What is A+ Content?

A+ content is enhanced marketing content (EMC) that appears on the product detail page in the “From the Manufacturer” section. A+ content combines rich images with compelling copy to help brands describe product functionality, tell their differentiation story and compare product features with similar products in the brand portfolio. Currently, there are 14 unique modules available, and vendors can choose any combination of up to five modules, including:

·       Rich text editor for custom formatting

·       Images of various sizes

·       Product comparison charts

·       Bulleted feature and tech spec lists

·       Image keywords

Why add A+ Content?

Adding A+ content to the product page gives brands an opportunity to tell their product and brand story and further highlight product features and benefits. As customers consider your product, A+ content can help address any of their concerns and ultimately be the deciding factor in choosing your product over a competitor product. A+ content can also improve conversion rates by increasing customer confidence in your product and affinity for your brand.

A+ Content from Primal Kitchen

A+ Content from Larabar

Pro tip: Adding images to A+ content now requires a text field labeled “image keywords.” Brands can use this field to add top keywords (100-character limit) that help improve organic SEO and traffic.

What's new?

As you login to the A+ content editor in Vendor Central, you will notice the following layout enhancements:

1)    Orientation buttons

2)    A field to uniquely identify specific content

3)    A drop-down to designate the intended language of the content along with the option to create language variations (great for other international sites)

4)    The status of the content (pending, rejected, approved)

5)    The number of applied ASINs for the content being created / modified

6)    Date stamp

7)    The ‘Add Module' pane

A+ Content Builder

You can also duplicate or suspend your A+ pages with the click of a button.

Duplicate: Copy existing A+ content into a new module layout to re-create and edit.

Suspend: Remove A+ content from the product detail page without deleting completely.

In short, A+ Enhanced Marketing Content is a free and unlimited service for all Amazon vendors that provides tools for brand and product storytelling.There are many features and capabilities available when building A+ content, including rich text and image options, bulleted lists, comparison charts, and more. By adding A+ content, vendors can boost sales and conversion rates by communicating the unique value of their brand, creating new ways for customers to learn and engage with the story, and increasing customer confidence in the integrity of the offering. For more A+ guidance and executional support, reach out to a Stackline pro.

Lindey Palmer

Lindey Palmer

VP, Solutions Architecture

Since joining Stackline in 2017, Lindey has held several key positions and led our Solutions Architect organization to support clients in 26 countries.


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