Amazon Vine Launches for 3P Sellers

Increase the quality and quantity of your reviews with Amazon Vine – now available to FBA Sellers.

Amazon Vine Launches for 3P Sellers

Amazon Vine – the program created to provide customers with more information on products including honest and unbiased feedback – launched last week for FBA Sellers. Previously only available to Amazon Vendors, Vine is now available to Sellers who:

·      Are brand registered in Amazon Brand Registry.

·      Have fewer than 30 reviews on the product detail page.

·      Have a buyable FBA offer in ‘New' condition.

·      Are not an adult product.

·      Have already launched at the time of enrollment.

·      Have available inventory.

·      Have an image and a description.

What is Amazon Vine?

In short, Amazon Vine is a program that allows brands to pay for customer reviews. If you've ever launched a new product on Amazon, you know it can be challenging to receive those first few reviews and gain sales momentum among pages and pages of similar products. The Vine Program makes it easier for brands to receive trusted reviews during the initial launch period in order to help customers make informed purchase decisions. Paired with well-crafted content, competitive pricing, and a strong advertising approach, Vine is a great opportunity to make your products stand out.

How does it work?

Vendors and sellers can enroll through Amazon and must pay a fee for each ASIN enrolled. Amazon provides shipping labels to send Vine units directly to their warehouse, and from there Amazon will distribute the product directly to Vine reviewers.

Who are the reviewers?

The Vine Voices are reviewers selected by Amazon based on their reviewer rank, “which is a reflection of the quality and helpfulness of their reviews,” Amazon states. Because Vine Voices are selected for their honest reviews, it is not guaranteed they will write a positive review. In the instance a negative review is written, brands are not allowed to contact the reviewer directly, but we recommend responding to the review publicly.

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