Ride the E-Commerce Industry Tailwinds

April 19, 2019

MarTech Series interviewed our CEO about the future of e-commerce, AI, and big data analytics. Read the full article here and check out this excerpt below:

"One of the things that excites me most about e-commerce is that there is no 'current state.' It’s a convergence point for so many high-octane disciplines, from ad ops and automation to big data analytics and machine learning. Even though e-commerce sales make up a minority share of total retail sales, we’re already on the brink of the next transition: ‘online shopping’ is the gateway to forms of intelligent or ‘ambient’ shopping that are even more convenient and even more integrated in our daily habits. Alexa will know what’s in our refrigerator just like Echo Look knows what’s in our closet and Nest knows which lights are on. As analytics leaders connect more of that data, we’ll be able to help brands and manufacturers build products and content that are highly-customized to individual customer needs...

"With our unique combination of e-commerce performance management software and managed services, Stackline helps clients successfully navigate this increasingly connected, hyper-responsive world...

"We save brand leaders time by consolidating and organizing full-funnel e-commerce KPIs in one place — from ad spend and market share to conversion rates, inventory levels, and ratings and reviews. And by managing ad spend, merchandising, and inventory planning in accordance with data-driven insights, we help clients find cost-savings and revenue opportunities that have immediate effects on the bottom line."

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