Inspired Pet Nutrition Fetches a 146% Increase in Incremental Sales

By using Stackline Drive, Inspired Pet Foods built a scalable advertising structure that helped transform their brand.

Inspired Pet Nutrition Fetches a 146% Increase in Incremental Sales

About the business

Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) is the UK-based manufacturer of the popular Harringtons and Wagg brands. Their focus? IPN connects consumers with the highest quality pet foods by using responsibly sourced, all-natural ingredients.

The challenge

In 2020, pet adoption rates reached historic highs. Consequently, consumer spending within Amazon UK's Dog and Cat categories exploded. To efficiently scale spend and jumpstart loyalty with new pet owners, Inspired Pet Nutrition required a robust ad tech solution. Something that could not only maximize sales on Amazon UK, but also help IPN better understand and measure the true impact of advertising on the incremental growth of their business.

The solution

By leaning on Stackline's Drive platform, Inspired Pet Foods developed a scalable advertising structure that better aligned with their growth goals, effectively transforming their brand into a high-performance advertising machine. Using Ad Manager's machine-learning algorithm, IPN automated all their campaigns, making performance optimizations and budget pacing a hands-free process.

“With the support of Stackline, we've not only improved our ad performance but we're seeing 97% YOY revenue growth,” said Damon Simpson, Digital Retail Performance Marketing Lead at Inspired Pet Nutrition.

The results

Within two months, IPN scaled ad spend by 67% and increased ad visibility by 71%. More importantly, IPN saw success in driving incremental growth, with incremental clicks up +120%, resulting in +143% lift in incremental ad sales. Additionally, IPN gained the ability to measure their overall market share growth, seeing increases across both the Harringtons and Wagg brands of 91bps and 54bps, respectively.

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Lindey Palmer

Lindey Palmer

VP, Solutions Architecture

Since joining Stackline in 2017, Lindey has held several key positions and led our Solutions Architect organization to support clients in 26 countries.


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