LIXIL + Stackline: Defining the future of scalable performance optimization

LIXIL combines Stackline solutions and AMC (Amazon Marketing Cloud) data to drive long-term growth and brand performance.

LIXIL + Stackline: Defining the future of scalable performance optimization

Evolving with Amazon  

When Amazon announced the launch of AMC, Stackline's Professional Services team began helping brands and manufacturers engage this data clean room to conduct in-depth analysis across DSP (Demand Side Platform) and Sponsored Ads. It became increasingly apparent that brand leaders needed to expand beyond traditional ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) measurement to understand the root causes of advertising challenges in today's accelerated markets. It was also clear that AMC could help unlock those advanced insights needed to facilitate growth.  

Our team recently announced a series of dashboards within our Drive platform, designed to help advertisers better understand their path-to-purchase so they could answer previously difficult-to-answer performance questions, like:  

  • What advertising strategies are driving repeat purchases for my brand?  
  • What time of day should I increase and decrease my bids to maximize advertising impact and efficiency?  
  • How many times should I retarget a shopper to increase the purchase rate?  

These dashboards integrate AMC intelligence with Stackline proprietary metrics to provide brand leaders with a complete view of their advertising performance across the entire shopper funnel, from awareness to purchase.  


Getting in the door: Expanding U.S. reach  

LIXIL, a long-time Stackline partner and DSP advertiser, was an early adopter of this new tech. Since 2011, this global enterprise has been bringing innovative water and housing products to more than one billion people each day. At the start of 2023, LIXIL was seeking options to understand their consumer touchpoints and further enhance their advertising impact in the U.S. so they could make better homes a reality for even more people.  

Working closely with Stackline's Professional Services team, they developed a cadence for evaluating DSP consideration strategies and their impact on Sponsored Products conversion rates through our Drive tool. The LIXIL team identifies custom DSP audiences using Stackline's rich pools of ASIN-level data. For Sponsored Ads, the teams set up each campaign based on LIXIL's unique goals - they review advanced performance projections and then allow Drive and AMC insights to augment and automate their daily performance adjustments.  


True ROI: Measuring full-funnel gains  

The unique combination of Stackline and AMC intelligence offers granular views into performance at each stage of the funnel, empowering the LIXIL team to quickly identify interdependencies between upper-funnel DSP and lower-funnel Sponsored ads at any given time.

LIXIL immediately saw that shoppers exposed to a combination of sponsored brand, sponsored product, and DSP were 9x more likely to convert than shoppers shown two of these ad types. The team used this information to recalibrate their strategy and budgets to reach customers with multiple ad types throughout their journey. Likewise, new-to-brand insights in the Drive AMC dashboards help LIXIL leaders understand the phases in the funnel driving the most significant incremental gains for their products.

The team uses this information to balance advertising efforts across opportunities for new-to-brand growth and nurturing returning customers.  

Level Up: Looking beyond ROAS  

While economic headwinds have slowed growth for many brands and categories in 2023, LIXIL is seeing a 24% increase in overall traffic. This lift stems from LIXIL leaders taking steps to comprehend the shopper decision journey and how those shoppers interact with LIXIL ads. Their findings inform budget allocations and targeting strategies to effectively nurture shoppers as they progress from consideration to advocacy stages. So far this year, the strategy has yielded measurable growth each period year over year, with a 34.5% increase in PDP (Product Detail Page) traffic and an 8.11% increase in retail sales in Q1 alone.  

Using Drive AMC dashboards, LIXIL can unlock advanced reporting capabilities and perform deep analysis in just minutes to better:  

  • Enhance visibility into advertising impact at each stage of the funnel  
  • Retarget for maximum impact  
  • Influence new buyers and repeat purchases  
  • Eliminate guesswork, especially regarding budget allocation  
"We want to make sure we are focusing on the right audiences, in the right ways, and that we can clearly and confidently measure success to share with our own brand stakeholders. With Stackline's partnership and AMC-fueled ad strategies, we have grown year-over-year in a tough market environment." - Mittal Shah, Director, Business Development E-Commerce

Accelerating with the markets  

We are continuously evaluating the performance of our customers and their competitors across major retailers, especially Amazon. We use the feedback gathered from our brand partners, like LIXIL, and our proprietary measurement tools to continue evolving our solution suite to better serve our partners in this accelerated ecommerce realm. We are excited to continue to expand our AMC integration so that we can help additional brands understand optimization opportunities for every ad type and consumer touch point within their buying journey.

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Ben Felix


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