Release Notes: Ad Manager

Advertising automation for online retail.

Release Notes: Ad Manager

We are thrilled to officially release our third product, Drive. I utilizes powerful advertising technology to create, execute, and analyze campaigns on leading e-commerce platforms. It's an easy-to-use campaign management system that applies real-time bidding technology to dynamically optimize e-commerce advertising. Check out the full press release here and keep reading for an overview of the top features.

Campaigns engineered to meet your goals.

Our campaign builder technology gives you unmatched advertising data, guides and projections to ensure you create winning campaigns from the start. From maximizing clicks to maximizing incremental profits, Ad Manager lets you define success and optimizes campaigns to reach those goals. Drive's predictive engine allows you to see every campaign's projected spend, sales and ROI before you invest a single dollar.


Dynamic automation, powered by data.

Once you provide your parameters, like budget, goals and dates, Drive does the rest. It applies machine learning and automation to make thousands of real-time bid, budget and targeting optimizations for every campaign, every day. Our predictive engine scans billions of data points – from shopper data to profitability – to identify opportunities to maximize performance and make your campaigns more efficient.


Actionable recommendations to boost ROI.

Drive gets smarter as you go, providing recommendations across campaign variables, including content, keywords and targeting, to help you achieve your goals.


Campaign targets.

Drive will identify new customers, audiences and keywords to help profitably scale your reach.


Insightful, daily advertising analytics.

Drive integrates seamlessly into your existing Stackline products, allowing you to quickly analyze performance in the context of your greater digital business. Easily view how your campaigns are trending and pacing towards your budgetary goals.


Ready to spend less time building and optimizing campaigns and more time watching your sales grow? Sign up for a demo today.

Michael Lagoni

Michael Lagoni


Since founding Stackline in 2014, Michael has focused on building technologies for thousands of brands, retailers, and professional service firms.


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