Stackline's Intelligent Advertising Automation Tool Now Supports Instacart

We are thrilled to announce our first-ever partnership with Instacart, allowing advertisers to fully integrate Instacart Ads with Drive.

Stackline's Intelligent Advertising Automation Tool Now Supports Instacart

SEATTLE – October 29, 2020 – Stackline, a pioneering retail analytics and advertising provider for the world's largest brands and manufacturers, today announced Drive with an integration with Instacart Ads. Stackline applies real-time bidding, competitive advertising, profitability, conversion, and incrementality data to develop and dynamically optimize high-performing e-commerce advertising. Unlike other advertising tools, Drive utilizes consumer shopping trends, market and product landscape data, as well as Stackline analytics and profitability metrics in order to dynamically optimize for the highest performing campaigns. 

“Adopting and reinventing e-commerce strategy has become critical for brands, especially as US e-commerce sales continue to surge,” said Stackline CEO, Michael Lagoni. “We're helping brands reach their sales goals with automation and insights, and as they find success utilizing digital channels, they'll not only continue their own marketing investments but gain the needed efficiency to stand out in a competitive market, like Instacart.”

Instacart is the North American leader in online grocery delivery and has the largest digital grocery catalog in the world with over 5 million unique products available across more than 500 retail partners and nearly 40,000 store locations. As consumer demand for grocery delivery continues to accelerate, Stackline is thrilled to partner with Instacart and offer brands the option to fully integrate their Instacart Ads with Ad Manager for a seamless, automated ad management experience including:

  • Data-backed campaign creation. Unmatched advertising data, guides and projections ensure you create winning campaigns from the start.
  • Dynamic automation. You provide parameters, like budget, goals and dates. Ad Manager does the rest.
  • Insightful, daily analytics. Quickly analyze performance, identify growth opportunities and predict the future.

Drive delivers measurable sales gains and cost savings across key success criteria. On average, Drive helps brands:

  • Decrease Cost Per Click (CPC) by -14.6%
  • Increase Conversion by +19.1%
  • Increase Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) across all ads in the campaign by +39.4%
  • Decrease Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) by -28.2%
  • And much more.

Ensure your brand can keep up with Instacart's growing marketplace and integrate your Instacart Ads with Stackline today.

Michael Lagoni

Michael Lagoni


Since founding Stackline in 2014, Michael has focused on building technologies for thousands of brands, retailers, and professional service firms.


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