The AI-enabled brand: Enhancing Amazon vendor negotiations

Learn from an expert how to employ AI-enabled technology and improve your Amazon Vendor Negotiations (AVN).

The AI-enabled brand: Enhancing Amazon vendor negotiations

In less than 20 minutes, you'll boost your negotiation skills with Amazon vendor managers. Explore the fundamentals and typical challenges in Amazon vendor negotiations and discover how AI can elevate your AVN experience. Gain valuable insights from Mattie Berman, a former Amazon Vendor Manager now serving as Senior Manager of Customer Strategy at Stackline.

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Key highlights

  • Understanding the significant challenges vendors face, such as investment demands and lack of necessary data.
  • Learning about Beacon Pro's innovative approach to mastering Amazon Vendor Negotiations (AVN).
  • Gaining actionable strategies, including scenario planning, margin forecasting, and handling chargebacks.
  • Utilizing tools like the Product Growth Matrix and Waterfall to improve negotiation outcomes.


  • Mattie Berman – Senior Account Manager, Ecommerce Strategy  
  • Red Russak – Director, Product Marketing

About Stackline

On a mission to fuel the future of commerce by bringing brands and customers closer together, Stackline is the leading AI-enabled retail intelligence and activation platform for the world's most innovative brands.  Business leaders, product innovators, performance marketers, and financial firms trust Stackline as the single source of commerce truth. Fueled by proprietary neural networks and deep learning systems, Stackline's market insights, revenue metrics, behavioral data, and autonomous functionality create the actions that determine success or failure.

Founded in 2014 in Seattle, Stackline employs over 250 connected commerce professionals, creating value for 7,000 global brands.

Red Russak

Red Russak

Director, Product Marketing

Since joining Stackline in 2022, Red has held key revenue-supporting roles. His current focus is marketing the latest innovations from Stackline.


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