WEBINAR Boosting sales beyond ad budgets: The power of the new digital toolkit

Join us as we surface the playbook to generating sustainable growth across ever-complex marketplaces

WEBINAR Boosting sales beyond ad budgets: The power of the new digital toolkit

Brands and manufacturers across eCommerce are confronted with mounting challenges such as growing competition, traffic headwinds, advertising budget ceilings, and increasing cost per click (CPC) rates. In response, companies are turning to innovative methods to expand their audiences, personalize customer shopping experiences, and of course, drive sales. Whether you’re in the B2C or B2B space, what new strategies should you consider to remain relevant in a rapidly changing digital marketplace?

Join Cleveland Research and Stackline on Thursday, November 2 at 2:00 pm ET for an interactive fireside chat: Boosting Sales Beyond Ad Budgets: The Power of the New Digital Toolkit.

From harnessing consumer intelligence and crafting compelling content to best leveraging ratings and utilizing generative AI, we’ll dive into the key strategies employed by leading brands and retailers. You’ll walk away with a fresh perspective around new tools to generate sales growth across Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers.

Some questions we’ll answer include:

  • How do you leverage consumer intelligence into your advertising and content strategies?
  • What are top brands and retailers doing to best leverage their ratings and review content?
  • How does the customer engagement playbook shift when targeting B2B shoppers?
  • In what ways can generative AI help optimize customer engagements?
  • How critical is content to your digital shelf strategy?
  • Considering the FTC’s recent rule restricting what constitutes as a real and honest product review, how can brands ensure they follow these guidelines while still generating enough buzz around their products?
  • If you had incremental marketing dollars, would you invest that money into generating more ratings and reviews from consumers or invest those dollars into an influencer as a form of inorganic rating or review?


Lindey Palmer, VP Solutions Architecture

Patrick Leake, VP Customer Strategy

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