Foundation Wellness Improves Ad Efficiency by +43%

September 30, 2021

About the business

Foundation Wellness is the leading manufacturer of insoles, orthotics, and foot care products in the US. Their portfolio features many prominent foot health brands including PowerStep, Foot Petals, and Flat Socks and are known to provide innovative solutions for improved comfort, wellness, and pain-free living.  

The challenge

To streamline their advertising efforts across multiple brands and product categories, Foundation Wellness needed an efficient way to test, learn, and optimize a multitude of campaigns and ad types at scale. Their end goal was to reduce CPCs and increase the effectiveness of their advertising investments.  

The solution

By integrating with Stackline’s Ad Manager, Foundation Wellness gained the ability to implement a wide range of custom dayparting tests. The results of this process shift allowed them to improve the effectiveness of their advertising. Best of all, they eliminated the need to manually manage campaign pacing and bid optimizations, saving hundreds of man-hours in the process.

"Ad Manager allows us to spend more time on strategy by automating our day-to-day management. It gives us the flexibility to creatively test scenarios that we would not be able to otherwise. Managing ads is not easy to do without software, especially across 3 brands and 400+ products. Ad Manager enables us to manage it all seamlessly in one place, allowing the team the mental space to work proactively rather than reactively," said Nathan Bair, Director of Ecommerce at Foundation Wellness.

The results

In three months, Foundation Wellness lowered their CPC by  -26%, while simultaneously increasing their incremental clicks (+63%), incremental sales (+73%), and overall ROAS (+43%). Thanks to this initial test, Foundation Wellness is extending and expanding their usage of Ad Manager, with plans to leverage its capabilities in new and exciting ways.

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