INFOGRAPHIC The Total Economic Impact of Stackline

July 28, 2022

The Highlights: Forrester Total Economic Impact of Stackline Infographic

As the first Full-Funnel Connected Commerce platform, Stackline powers thousands of brands and retailers worldwide to efficiently and profitably navigate the rapidly evolving realm of commerce and retail media.

Stackline has created a detailed a playbook to help brands succeed in the continually evolving paradigm of commerce.

We also have the numbers to prove our strategies generate topline and bottom-line impact.

The Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study, commissioned by Stackline, found the following benefits and cost savings to enterprises.


A three-year, 331% Return on investment (ROI)

• Delivered comprehensive visibility into market share, brand performance, pricing, and competitiveness.

• Drove total confidence in our customer’s go-to-market strategies.


Cost savings

A total of $4.9M in present value of benefits over a three-year period:

$2.3M incremental profit from pricing and channel assortment management  

$1.4M incremental profit from an increase in ROAS  

$1.2M costs avoided from legacy solutions

New standard

Stackline is delivering the new standard in full-funnel connected commerce and insights:

Legacy, slow-moving, data sources create barriers to success for brands and retailers that are facing an ever-shifting landscape.

Stackline’s approach eliminates repetitive manual labor and costly point-solution tools. By intelligently automating and optimizing advertising performance within major e-commerce channels, Stackline is helping the most innovative brands across the globe achieve 30% YOY growth.

Actionable insights

Our tools and metrics are designed to help brands achieve incremental gains in market share, drive profitable revenue, and create brand loyalty at every step of the consumer lifecycle, all of which lead to efficient and profitable bottom-line growth.

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