Comprehensive digital shelf and in-store analytics

Omni is a revolutionary way for brands to maximize performance in both digital marketplaces and brick and mortar stores.



Why brands choose Omni for digital shelf and retail analytics


Omnichannel means everywhere

Revolutionary coverage for both in-store and online. From retailers, to grocers, to big box stores - measure digital shelf, marketing, and operations across thousands of retailers all from a single interface.


Turbo-charged digital shelf data and insights

The digital shelf is the battleground for customer awareness and incremental revenue.  To win, you need complete visibility on every product.

Share of shelf

Easily evaluate your share of shelf across all of your retail partners around the globe.

Organic visibility

Deep dive into organic rankings across every retailer, category, and keyword.

Paid visibility

Measure the sources and share of your paid campaigns across all retail media platforms.

Shopper behavior

Access the key search volumes of every customer that views and buys your products.


Access store and geo-level trends and insights

Winning in brick and mortar and digital marketplaces requires a deep understanding of the factors driving purchases in every region and store location.

Store-level data

Easily view key metrics on your entire product assortment across every retailer and store location.

Geo-specific metrics

Deep dive into your pricing, inventory, and other metrics within individual cities, states, regions, and more with flexible customizations.

Omnichannel visibility to your inventory and operations

Gain complete digital shelf and pricing visibility for every store location, digital marketplace, and delivery platform.

View inventory trends across all retail locations

In-stock insights

Access in-stock metrics from every store location and digital marketplace.

Real-time alerts

Receive automated alerts in real-time when inventory and operational issues occur.

Fulfillment and delivery

Evaluate the fulfillment options, prices, and delivery speeds and on every product and store location.

Pricing and promotions

Get access to real-time price and promotional activities with every retailer across channels.

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