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Stackline Omni is a revolutionary way for brands to maximize profitable revenue in both your digital and brick and mortar marketplaces.  Gain complete digital shelf and pricing visibility for every store location, digital marketplace, and delivery platform.

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Stack the digital shelf

In connected commerce, the digital shelf is the battleground for customer awareness and incremental revenue.  To win, you need complete visibility.

SKU-level Visibility

Get search visibility for every SKU, every retailer site, and marketplace you sell on.   Track your competitor’s performance and see how you stack-up.

Identify Opportunities

Understand exactly where your products rank in both organic and paid search results – and identify the actions required to increase sales.


Geo-level pricing insights

Winning in brick and mortar and digital marketplaces requires a deep understanding of the factors driving purchases.  With Omni, get a comprehensive pricing visibility down to the SKU level and fulfillment path.

SKU-level Pricing

With more than 500M SKUs tracked at major retailers across the country, enable complete pricing insights along with MAP compliance for digital and brick-and-mortar retailers.

In-Store and Delivery Fulfillment

Gain insights on how pricing differs by fulfillment type.  Understand how delivery platforms price vs. traditional retailers and digital marketplaces.

Ecommerce marketing analysis

Ensure product availability

The leading cause for lost brand revenue is lack of inventory, ensure your product is available with continuous inventory monitoring and supply chain insights.

Inventory Monitoring

Track inventory, fulfillment, and predict demand to ensure SKU-level readiness across omnichannel outlets.

Supply Chain Insights

Spot disruptions in supply chain and distribution and improve in-stock rates with detailed geo-level insights.


Multi-platform controls and insights

Keep retailers and third-party sellers in check with active compliance tracking and alerts.

Pricing Policy & Seller Monitoring

Automatically track MAP price compliance across retail platforms and sellers.

Catalog & Content Compliance

Audit catalog accuracy and SKU-level metrics by retailer, while also evaluating product listings to identify inaccurate content.

ecommerce compliance map monitoring

Global scale

We support thousands of the world's largest brands

Retail Sales

Our clients

We work with leaders driving transformational change in ecommerce

Matt Snyder

“Stackline helped us identify product growth opportunities, gain an in-depth view of competitive strategies, and enhanced our keyword targeting and marketing spend. The ROI was immediate.”

Joy Simonsen

"Stackline is our primary category insight provider, and we count on them to provide definitive insight into ecommerce performance across our portfolio of brands."

Jeff Buysse

“Our partnership with Stackline propelled our organization by generating insights, sales growth and optimizing our marketing spend across the ecommerce channel."

Tiffany Pratt

“In a channel where companies are racing to gain knowledge, Stackline offers the expertise to build a strong foundation and drive sales much faster than we could have done on our own.”

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