Monitor retail media performance

Built for brands, marketers, sellers, and agencies that recognize optimized advertising is good business, Pulse provides full transparency into your performance.



Why brands choose Pulse to monitor retail media campaigns

Pulse integrates with Stream and Amazon Marketing Cloud

Connect to all of the powerful APIs and data sets across the retail media.


Get full access to all of AMC's latest offerings

Pulse is fully-integrated with Amazon Marketing Cloud and Stream for enhanced reporting capabilities, such as customer lifetime value, new-to-brand data, and optimal retargeting frequency analyses.


Insights built for your bottom-line

Pulse gives you unmatched advertising data, guides, and projections to ensure your teams are empowered to start winning markets.

Incremental sales impact

Leveraging Stackline's proprietary RAND data, brands are now able to quantify every dollar they invest in paid search.

Targeting recommendations

Optimize campaigns by taking advantage of proprietary shopper targeting recommendations.


Insightful and transparent advertising analytics

Pulse integrates seamlessly into your existing products and retailers, allowing you to quickly analyze performance in the context of your greater digital business.


Measure the true, incremental sales and ROI impact of every campaign.


Easily view how your campaigns are trending and pacing towards your budgetary goals.


Get automated insights on budgets, keywords, and targeting to help you achieve your goals.


Analyze the product-level profitability and margins on every campaign.

The power of transparency

Built on the same supercomputer as Drive, Pulse aims to provide transparency on 'what is' and the foresight to see 'what could be'.

Machine learning

Apply machine learning and automation to identify growth areas.

Bid optimizations

Receive recommendations on how to optimize bid prices.

Budget allocations

Get recommendations on how to allocate budget across campaigns to boost ROI.


Access an engine that scans billions of data points to surface opportunities.

Improve forecasting

Bridge blind spots between forecasting and retailer traffic and spend patterns.

Automated alarms

Prevent campaigns from going out of budget by receiving real-time alerts.

Reduce labor cost

Eliminate thousands of annual hours spent analyzing metrics manually.

Unified standards

Use a single platform to unify your retail media analytics worldwide.

Keyword gaps

Access advanced data and tools to identify missing keywords in campaigns.

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